Maya Road Houses And Vintage Milk Caps

Maya Road

Well, that is to CHA-W 2008....when they debuted all 3 houses.....Oh My at first site.  Maybe it's because we are a Navy family and I spend way too much time dreaming about my forever house.... or maybe it's just because they are so darn easy and fun to make!  They also come with the windows, doors, shutters (depending on which house), hearts and the chimney for the Villa and they all 3 come with a mini album inside!!  You can use it with the house (what a great gift) or make them into 2 separate projects, which is what I did today!

Next, I love vintage milkcaps...they are so fun and remind me so much of my grandma's house and waiting for the morning to come so we could run out and get the fresh milk, juice, yogurts etc.... they just seem so classic.

 Anyway, I am going to share 2 milk-capped houses with you and give you another creative way of using the houses!

 So, let's start with the townhouse...this is a small house that stands about 5.5 inches tall...but I think it's my favorite one.  I figured out the cutest thing to use it for....a gift-card holder!  I give giftcards all the time..they are easy to please gifts...but I worry that they get boring to I have been into ways to make the packaging special and reusable for home decor. 

I used the Metric Ruler Clear Singleton Stamp on the edges of this project...this is my FAVORITE stamp by Maya Road!  

 I also used the Microchip Scallop and Trinkets Buttons-Pebble Set (love these because you can sand the edges white!) on the door. 

The vintage milk caps, measuring tape (thanks Wendy!) and Bingo cards (cut up behind the windows) are all from various estate sales, sweet friends and auction sites!  I have quite the stash of them now!

OK, my next house is the Bungalow house.  This one is shorter but longer and a super fun one also! 

I used the same stash of Vintage milkcaps, Bingo cards and added a Bingo game piece to the door.  The one thing that I also did that I thought was fun was I put a piece of a glassine bag (the clear waxy bags) underneath the window panes, over the patterned paper.  It added a bit of a shine to look like a glass window and added a milky look to the patterned paper underneath.

This would also make a great gift holder.  The lid comes right up and is the perfect size for a book or something that size. 

So, well...guess that's it.....I'll leave you with a pictureof the set.  Now my next project with the milk caps is the Villa!  Expecting it in the mail any day now!

I hope that I have inspired you and that you go and create a little sweet house for yourself or for a perfect gift holder!

~Katie Watson

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