Maya Road Inspired Christmas Wreath

Shelley Haganman

When Maya Road introduced the Organza Roses ribbon I was in love!! I know they seem more "Springy" but I have altered them to create this fun little Christmas wreath! This could also be done on those styrofoam cones as well to make fun Christmas trees.

Supplies needed:   

Maya Road: Large Organza Roses ribbon (OR1508), Star pins (TK1410), Maya Mist in the color of your choice, Maya Glitter.

Trimmings for your wreath, glue, styrofoam wreath

First wrap your wreath with the beautiful organza roses ribbon. In a cardboard box place your wreath and spray it with your Maya Mist in the color you prefer! Here is a great tutorial on how you use your Maya Mist.

To make the glitter stars just take a Maya Road star pin and apply glue to the outer edges of the star. Add your Maya glitter and tap off the excess and let it dry! I also sprayed my wreath with spray adhesive and then sprinkled some Maya glitter to the wreath itself for added sparkle factor!

Once your wreath is completely dried start adding your trimmings. I used ribbon, beading, and my glitter star pins! Happy holiday creating from Maya Road!

 Shelley Haganman

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