"My Boys" Inky & Grungy Banner Album

Maya Road | Maya Road

You all know that I (Dina) like things inky, grungy & messy...which works perfectly since I have 3 wild & crazy boys. I made this album as a tribute to them. They're growing up fast--my oldest son is taller than I am!

I used a resist technique on several of the banners (stamped the crowns, then inked over them so they crowns stood out & resisted the ink). Tip: if you're spraying your canvas and you want softer blended edges between your mist colors, wet the canvas. You can either wet it before or after you spray. 

I included a few inky & paintyags in the album. Here's why...while I was making this album, I unscrewed the top off my bottle of Blue Raspberry Maya Mist (I was using the sprayer to flick some of the ink onto the canvas pages). I managed to knock over the entire bottle...and it spilled everywhere! Luckily my carpet is protected by an office mat (whew). Because I had so much ink on my work surface, I grabbed a few tags & blotted up some of the ink. I liked the way the tags looked so I added some paint & text, and they became elements of my mini album.

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