Pumpkins Scrapbook Page

Leah Farquharson

October scrapbooking kits are now on sale at JBS Mercantile! I have to admit – this layout came together in about 30 minutes. The pieces all clicked together and worked seamlessly! I happened to just use the main kitfor this one, but I can’t wait to dig into the artisan kit, as well!

I’m so glad we got the chance to visit the pumpkin patch when we were up to visit family in the Midwest this past month! They opened the very last day we were in town, and we snuck over for just a few hours of fun (and yes, we did the corn maze!).

Did I mention how awesome it was to be able to open this up and have a layout together in no time? That’s seriously my favorite thing about getting the kits each month. I get a bit of scrapbooking done with minimal time commitment and all the fun.

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