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So it has been a LONG while since I dug out my Maya Mists and Canvas to play with. I decided that I wanted to see if I could create something cool with a couple of embellishments, my canvas and Maya Mists. This isn't my usual style of creating but doing something different is how you can expand and grow your creative process.

After a couple of evenings,  I ended up with this album:

I will share with you some tips on how to work on Canvas with Mists and Salt so let's get started!

Supply List:

1. Maya Road Canvas Album (we have a bunch to choose from)

2. Maya Mists - I used Tangerine, Seafoam, Silver Metallic  and Strawberry Metallic

3. Mister Bottle with Water (I used an old one from a mist I had already used up)

4. Masks, Chipboard Shapes (to create backgrounds on the canvas)

5. Salt

6. Seam binding,  Velvet TrimsBingo Numbers, Paper Flowers, Trinket Pins, buttons and whatever you want to create your album

I also snagged an old cardboard carton from my son's juice boxes to use to contain the mists:

So all you do is take your canvas pages off. Then wet them under the sink and mist on them with the Maya Mists. Since our Maya Mists are such intense colors, use the water mister to soften the effect. If it is still too intense for you, rinse under the sink til it is the color you want it to be.

Just jump into it by experimenting in these ways:

  • Crinkle your album before misting - that will allow the mists to get into the crankies as you spray
  • Mist your album first and then spray with water til you get the shade desired - add some salt and watch it "attract" some of the color away for a textured effect
  • Mist part of your canvas page in one color and then add another color on the side to mix
  • Spray your mist a bit further way from the canvas to get the droplet effect on it
  • Wet your page and then mist. Allow to dry and then use a mask or chipboard piece with another color mist to create a shadow effect
  • Drip droplets of water on the canvas but do not allow them to soak in. While they are still in the droplet form, mist over them. Then dab the droplet away and you will not have mist where the water droplet was
  • Use the leftover sticker background as a mask for your page

Here is a look at several of the techniques in use on my pages:

I let the canvas pieces dry and in the meantime, I used similar techniques on some paper flowers, seam binding and velvet ribbons. When I was done, I came up with an album that looked like this:

Then choose some of your favorite photos and assemble your album! I decided to use some black and white photos as I wanted them to be the main focus of the album with all the color on the pages.

This is a lovely project you can complete in 2 or 3 evenings. Put everything back together and you are done! Enjoy!

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