Sequin Heart Tutorial

Jocelyn Olson

It's Jocelyn on the blog with a Valentine's Day project.

Maya Road has such beautiful trims, including the strings of sequins in several colors. I used the red sequins to create a heart:

This card is for Valentine's Day, but the heart technique would work year-round. There are a couple of sequin heart tutorials floating around Pinterest, but I made a couple of modifications. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for how I made the heart:


  1. Gather your supplies: A cardstock heart base (I used a die-cut heart); approximately 2-4 yards of the Maya Road Sparkle Sequin trim, depending on the size of the heart; a strong liquid adhesive; and the Maya Road Fanciful Be Happy Mine die. I used cardstock in the same color as the sequins so any gaps in the sequins won't be as noticeable. 

2. Glue one end of the sequin trim to the top-center of the heart. I found starting in this location made it easier to retain the heart shape with the sequins.

3. Add adhesive along the border of the heart one side at a time. I tried adding more and less adhesive at one time, but I found gluing one side at a time worked the best. I also found adding the adhesive to the cardstock worked much better than adding it to the sequins. Don't ask me how I know...

4. Continue to glue the trim, slightly overlapping the rows of sequins. I stopped at the top and bottom points and allowed the trim to dry in order to maintain the heart shape. 

5. When you have wrapped all side of the heart, trim approximately 1/2" of the remaining sequin trim. The Maya Road Sequin trim doesn't fall apart when cut, which makes the finishing much easier.

6. Add adhesive directly to the final 1/2" of the sequin trim. Adhere the trim on top of a prior row of sequins. I tried tucking the sequin edge underneath and gluing the tip of the trim, but I found adhering a short border to create a "V" worked the best with Maya Road trim. You can see where I ended on the center-left side. 

When I was finished, I die-cut three layers of the Maya Road "Be Mine" die-cut to add dimension. I also gilded the Heart Lock Charm and attached it with the Silver Wood Mini Clothes Pin:

I layered the heart over several hand-cut patterned paper banners and an embossed background:

Supplies used

Sparkle Sequins Trim--Barn Red

Fanciful Be Happy Mine Steel Die

Heart Lock Charm

Wood Mini Clothes Pin--Silver 

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