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Today we are going to be doing something different - we are featuring a project that caught our eye online! We wanted to share with you this mailbox from Leah Killian. We thought this would be so cute to have around your house for leaving love notes to your family! Leah will be using this to store some notes from her DH's Grandma - what a great idea!

Here are some tips from Leah on altering a MR AirMail box:

My tips for mailbox altering success: 

Start with a great adhesive!  My favorite glue for this type of project comes from a few different manufacturers under a few different names:  matte effects (Ranger), crystal effects or Diamond glaze.  These are all the same lacquer concoction used for creating faux glass or plastic details- and they are the most solid adherent for small establishments or tricky altering jobs that I have found.   I just put a thin layer on the chipboard and lay my paper over it, smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles.  

Keep it simple:  Maya Road alterables are so uniquely designed that they don't need a ton of extra patterns and embellishments.  Pick a focal point area to do something special to (like my star cluster) but let the rest of the project stay more simple- it lets the eye rest and allows you to appreciate the neat item you are altering.  I see many alterables where the artist has tried to cover every bit with action, and it can really detract from the overall design.

As you are altering, remember that this is a functional piece- don't accidentally glue the door shut or jam the flag into a non-functional position unless you are prepared to live with it, lol!
Thank you to Leah for sharing her wonderful design!

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