Stitching On Acrylic

Shelley Haganman read it right! My tutorial today will show you how to stitch on clear acrylic! I love this techinque and have a project at CHA that you can check out in person that uses this technique. Let's get started!

Supplies: Maya Road acrylic piece ( I chose the house album)

DMC floss

Drill and small drill bit (I used an 1/8 in bit)

A non-permanent marker


A piece of wood or glass underneath your project to protect your work surface.  ( I used my glass plate for stamping)

First, decide what you would like to write or design on your acrylic piece. I chose to use the word "Home" for my album. Using your non-permanent marker draw your design or spell your word.

Next, using your small drill bit start drilling holes along the word or design,

Now you are ready to use your floss and stitch your design/word.

Make sure you leave plenty of room from the edge of the acrylic for your hole so no cracking occurs!

Viola!! You have done it! You have stitched onto acrylic! I think the result is pretty cool and this is a technique that is really easy. If you don't feel comfortable using the drill have you husband or someone who feels comfortable doing it drill them for you!

I hope  you enjoyed this tutorial! Thanks for stopping by! Shelley Haganman

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