Take Me Away & Travel The World Planner Sets

Maker Heart | MakerHeart

Hello Maker Heart friends. We have yet another great little planner set for you to add to your collection.

Are you planning a trip? Be it a business trip or a holiday, this set is meant for you jet setters. This set has really cute maps and location stickers. You can use your stickers to help you check off your to-do's and packing list. Use your journaling cards to take notes while you are out and about exploring your surroundings. The colors are pretty neutral which allow you to use this alongside another style or theme. 

There are 4 awesome downloads that we have put together for you in this set. If you are planning a trip around the world, or perhaps wish you were, these can be a great idea to use on a vision board to help make your dreams become a reality. You can also use these to help you plan your trip before you leave, so that you can feel organized with everything you have to do and everywhere you want to go.

Happy travels and enjoy!

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Tags: cards, journaling, paper, stickers, travel