Thanksgiving Cutlery Cones & Place Setting Cards

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  First of all, I am in love with the pumpkin coaster album.  For a few bucks, I can make it into an album or take it apart and make a bunch of small decorations.  Which was just what I intended to do.  I had planned on making beautiful Thanksgiving Table Place Cards

 List of my supplies needed-
Pumpkin coaster album- check
Maya Road Fall Color Velvet Ribbons- check
Maya Road Scalloped Ric Rac- check
Chalkboard paint and chalk-check
New Thanksgiving Tablecloth and Napkins- NO CHECK

Not a problem....I had a week to get them...and then the Swine Flu hit my house.  I have literally not stepped foot outside of my house in 7 days.   My kiddos and husband have been sick, sick, sick and I have not been feeling too well either the last few days. 

 The new tablecloth and napkins were not a priority this week.  Motrin, Tamiflu, Gator-Aid and lots of cough syrup were though.

So, this morning came...and I realized that I needed to finish my blog project or do something different.  I'm stubborn though, it's the Irish in me, and I could not let go of my Thanksgiving Table Place Card idea. 

So, I improvised.  Like crazy. 

 New supply list-

Pumpkin Coaster Album- check
Maya Road Scallop Ric Rac- check
Maya Road Fall Colored Velvet Ribbons- check
Chalkboard Paint and chalk- check
Fabri-Tac- check
Floral Leaf- check
Scotch Tape- check
Scallop Scissors- check
Brown Kraft Wrapping Paper brown paper lunch sacks- check
 White cardstock White computer paper- check
Napkin Paper Towel- check

Then just wrap your silverware up in a "pretty" napkin....or use a paper towel :( like mine and insert it into the cone.  Lay it on each persons dinner's functional, cheap and decorative. 

  You can use this for a home picked Fall bouquet for a teacher, full of mini muffins for a neighbor or for a party favor's a different take on "brown baggin it"!

ETA- I wanted to set this out on my kitchen island until Thanksgiving, so I added some Indian Corn and some fake pumpkins and ya know what?  The little cones looked Harvest-y.  So now, I can use it as a Harvest Decoration also.  I love that it has each of my family members name on it.  I like-y.

~Katie Watson

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