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Hi Roadies!  I had a few people ask how the mushroom house from the Maya Road /Jillibean swap was done.  So, today I'm going to show you the basics on how I put it together.

  • The roof of the mushroom is made out of a 6" paper mache egg, that was cut down to about 4"tall.  (see pic 1.) Then using a trimmed hexagon window from the Windows Chipboard Set, I traced out the placement of the window onto the egg. A sharp knife was used to cut out the opening for the window.  Next I glued a 1/2" strip of cardboard around the edges of the window. Once dry, I painted the widow and attached some sheer plastic to the back. The cardboard sides of the window were then covered with patterned paper, then carefully pushed into place on the roof. Next I covered the roof and the side of the widow with 1'' circles. The chimney seen here, was made out of the arm of a nutcracker, but you could use some rolled up cardstock or thin cardboard for the same effect.
  • The base of the mushroom is a plastic cup that was covered with patterned paper and border trim. To make the roof stay at the height I wanted, I glued a large Vintage Spool and another piece of wood to the top of the cup. (pic. 2) A good amount of hot glue was applied to the top of the spool and then the roof was attached.
  • For the grassy area around the house, I used 2 layered pages from the  Square Scalloped Frame Coaster.  (seen in pic. 3 and 4) Patterned paper was applied to the surface coaster. Then I folded a 1" strip of matching patterned paper in half, to make a double sided 1/2" strip. The strip was glued around the edge of the coaster, then snipped with scissors to form blades of grass.
  • The larger base (seen in pic. 5 ) is made from all the pages of a Flower Chain Book (layered and glued together) and the lid of the Flower Keepsake Box. After the two pieces were covered with patterned paper, I glued them together and added some crochet trims.
  • After adhering the grass to the center of the base, I mini picket fence pieces and a wheel barrow, from the Green Thumb CB Set.  I also used Flower Trinket Pins in the flowerbed, as you can see in the close ups below.

In the back of the house, I used some wood dowels and twine to make a clothes line. I drilled holes into the larger base and then pushed the dowels through. To hold the dowels in place  I applied hot glue around the dowels, underneath the lid.  Then mini chipboard clothes from the Laundry Day Set were covered with patterned paper on both sides and then glued onto the clothes line.

The front door and the little window seen in the back of the house, were also made using pieces from the Windows Chipboard Set. For the door, two windows were pieced together and for the back window a larger window was cut down to a smaller size.

Some of the details.

Maya Road Supplies:
Flower Keepsake Box
Flower Chain Book
Windows Mini Set
Laundry Day Mini Set
Green Thumb Mini Set
Square Scallop Frame Coaster
Flower Trinket Pins (pink, yellow and green)
Mist (Buttermilk Cream)
Crochet Trim (Bone white)
Vintage Crochet Trim - Mini Pom Pom
Ruffle Edge Trim (Golden)
Jewel Trinket Pins

Jellibean Soup Supplies:
Watermelon Gazpacho Journaling Sprouts
Watermelon Gazpacho Peapods Die Cuts
Ice Cubes 12X12 Watermelon Gazpacho Paper
Seedless Cucumber 12X12 Watermelon Gazpacho Paper
Yellow Bell Pepper 12X12 Watermelon Gazpacho Paper
Sprig Of Mint 12X12 Watermelon Gazpacho Paper
Watermelon 12X12 Watermelon Gazpacho Paper
3 Dancing Hats 12X12 Spotted Owl Soup Paper

Other Supplies: Mod Podge, 6" paper mache egg, plastic cup, wood dowels, twine, small buttons, spanish moss, thin cardboard, sheer plastic and hot glue.

Thanks for stopping by,

Jennifer :)

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