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You know when you go on a holiday or something like that, and have grand plans that "this time I'll actually create a minialbum about the whole trip"? Then all the stuff you have gathered during the travel just sits in its binder, gathering dust (I may or may not have three or more travels/holidays I haven't done anything about yet..cough)? How do you make sure you actually will create and finish a travel journal?

Well, other than bringing a prepared one with you while you travel, it'll be to create the cover in advance and show it on this blog as a promise to all the readers so you just have to finish it when you get

At least that's my hope...*grin*

I took a 5 ring tab book and used the cover for this one. I think I'll use the tabs when I get back home to finish the mini, we'll see..

I then grabbed my molding paste and a number of chipboards I had lying around, including the arrows, a heart from the Love Mini Chipboard Set and a basic shape from the Road Rage Signs. Lathering the molding paste on, I adhered the chipboard upon the paste. When dry, I applied white gesso over twice.

I then grabbed a wiping cloth and the Popsicle Blue Maya Mist, sprayed some mist on the cloth then wiped it roughly over the dried coversurface.

It yields a light, pretty lovely and uneven color (love how this method really brings out the dimension in the cover - both from the chipboards and from the molding paste).

I also sprayed the mist directly on the New York Lowercase alphabets - look at the difference in color! On the raw chipboard the mist is intense and pretty dark blue with a hint of dark teal..or is this color called peacock mayhaps? Nevertheless, I love the difference in intensity & effect depending on method/surface... I outlined the letters with liquid pearl and filled it with glossy accents when done.

I've already prepared some pages - I'm thinking it'll contain both memorabilas, photos, pieces of maps and brochures and stuff, as well as my notes in advance (shown above is the printed out metro map plus notes about the places we must visit: which trains to take, what station to get off at and the opening hours etc)..with the cover finished even before we've left, I totally have an incentive to actually create and finish a whole travelling-minibook, no? Maybe if I promise to share the finished product here on the blog I actually have to do that..cough..:p

Wish me a nice trip and good luck when I get home again!


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