Tutorial Tuesday - Fun With Zipper Trim!

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Roadies, we are starting a new feature where we feature YOU our customers a couple of Tuesdays a month with a tutorial! Today we have one from Sonia O'Doneghue showing you how to create some fabulous zipper trim flowers with some chipboard, Maya Road Zipper Trim, a hot glue gun and some elbow grease.  

When we first saw this ruffly zipper trim flower from Sonia, we knew it would be perfect for Tutorial Tuesday.

Here is what you will need: 

1. Maya Road Foundations Chipboard (round ~1.5" piece)

2. Two and a half feet of zipper trim  - black (a tip from Sonia, if it isn't all one continuous piece you can use various different pieces or try different colors for a different effect)

3. Hot glue gun and glue

And check out the step by step instructions here:

Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2. Start the rose by gluing the zipper straight across the edge of the chipboard.  

Step 3. Apply a dot of hot glue (see indicator) and pinch the zipper back.  This will cause the zipper to curve.  Do not be afraid to be aggressive with your zipper (in fact, you have to be sometimes)

Step 4. Continue to do this in sections until you have gone all the way around the outer edge of the chipboard.  With this piece of 1.5” chipboard,you can wrap it around about 5x in 5 sections.

Step 5. Now it’s time to start working your way inward.  Again, don’t fear the zipper – you will have to be a bit aggressive.  Also, be a bit more liberal with the glue as you move inward because your space is getting tighter and you want your flower to hold.  Once I get to row two, apply the hot glue directly to the chipboard.  

Step 6. Since you are working with excess hot glue and you need to move quickly, use a pencil or a stick or some other tool that you can apply pressure with.  This will push the glue into the fibers of the zipper and hold it in place.

Step 7. Continue to work your way to the center as seen in the photo.

Step 8. Once you get to the very end, trim the excess zipper if still very long.  Make sure you leave enough zipper to finish the flower  Apply hot glue to the center of the flower and then tuck the end of exposed zipper as seen here to the center of your flower.

Step 9. Apply to craft project and admire!

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