Use Maya Mist To Create A Colorful Album

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I love the kraft color of the large binder album with sheet protectors (you can see it on the first page of the new catalog). Kraft is actually my favorite neutral. I knew I wanted to make a fun, colorful album, but I didn't want to cover up all that gorgeous kraft. My solution was to create a large colorful sheet of custom paper and use it to partially cover the album.

I created the custom paper by starting with gesso and swipes of acrylic paint on a large sheet of paper. When the paint dried, I used several colors of Maya Mist and stencils to add stenciling right over the paint. Maya Mist dries wonderfully over acrylics. I also used my custom paper to cut little accents for the inside of the album.

I created a little questionnaire for my family to fill out about our recent trip to Spain. It was fun to see how everyone answered the boys remembered little details that I had forgotten!

How are you going to use your 8x8 Binder Album with Sheet Protectors?

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