Wood Bingo Magnets

Shelley Haganman

I wanted to share with you a quick and easy way to display your photos using the Wooden Bingo pieces from Maya Road! I made one for my scrap room but since it is in a bit of disarray from being relocated I thought I would show you a miniature version. Here's what you will need:

Maya Road Wooden Bingo Number pieces

Super strong magnets

Industrial strength adhesive (I used Super Glue!)

Picture hanging wire

First take your bingo piece and adhere a super strong magnet to the back of it. I used some that were super thin found at any hobby store. Once dry you are set!

Simply choose  your photographs and use the magnetic bingo piece to hold it to the metal wire. Some pictures may require two!

I chose Maya Road's Bingo pieces but so many of their products would work....especially the flowers or any of the chipboard pieces once you had altered them! The one that hangs in my   is about 7 feet long. I used two metal clips, tied the end of the picture hanging wire to them and then clipped them to my window valance. You could also hang this project vertically by hanging something with some weight to it on the bottom and loop at the top to hang it by! It's a quick and easy way to display photos, notes, papers, etc. and it allows you to be able to switch them out as needed.

Shelley Haganman

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