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I'm sure you all have seen the popular wrap bracelets in stores. I know I've seen them all over. And let me tell ya they are super easy to recreate so I thought I would show you how to make one using all the Maya Road Trinket Buttons

Supplies Needed: 3 yrds. Waxed Linen, 2 - Beads, 30 Buttons (wraps around wrist 3 times)

Tools Needed: Scissors


  • Using your scissors cut three yards of waxed linen (I've found colors in black, brown and ecru)
  • Fold the waxed linen in half and create a loop just large enough for your closure button to go in and out, then make a knot to secure the loop.

  • Thread one button onto the thread using ONE STRAND of the waxed linen. Create a knot to secure the button in place.

  • Next, thread the second button using the piece of waxed linen you did not use when threading the first button, tie a knot to secure the button and repeat this process until you have all the buttons on the waxed linen.

  • Once you are finished threading the beads tie a knot to secure the last button.
  • Now thread a bead on the end of each waxed linen strand and secure each bead with a knot at the base of the bead.

And here is how it looks when worn. This photo was taken of Caroline by Ronda Palazzari when we were all at ScrapFest. I brough mini kits for Caroline, Ronda and Emily so they could make and wear their own. Our bracelets were a huge hit by all who saw them.

I hope you give them a try. They are fun and very addicting to create. 

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